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Below is a list of our primary fiduciary services.

  • Special Money
    Trust Administration

    Acting as a trustee is a serious undertaking involving certain legal duties and standards of conduct. A professional fiduciary is often a better choice than a lay person who may not have the time or expertise to be a trustee. More...
  • Money Home
    Estate Settlement Or Probate

    Probates established through a court process with a valid will or without a will require the appointment of a personal representative, or executor, to administer and settle the estate. Settling estates can be an administrative nightmare. More...
  • Group

    Conservatorships are established through a court process as the result of an individual's inability to effectively manage his or her financial matters. The Court appointed conservator has a fiduciary responsibility for the financial management of the protected person's assets, making the selection of a conservator an important decision More...
  • Wheelchair Alt
    Special Needs Trust and Estate Planning

    A special needs trust (SNT) is a specialized trust that allows assets to be held on behalf of an income beneficiary who is unable to manage funds due to a mental or physical incapacity. The beneficiary enjoys the use of property that is held in the trust, while at the same time continuing to receive essential government benefits, like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid. However, there are strict regulations regarding disbursements from a SNT that must be followed. This type of trust is also known as a supplemental needs trust. More...

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