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Hawaii Estate And Trust. com is your premiere resource to learn all about the best Hawaii estate and trust fiduciary services in the state of Hawaii.

We are based on the island of Oahu and we support all the islands including Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and the Big island.

We have establish exclusive relationships with some of the top Hawaii estate and trust fiduciary services companies in Hawaii and can achieve best balance of price, value, reliability services for your needs.

When you fill out any form on our website we will follow up to address your needs quickly.

OUR MISSION - Our mission is to provide you the best resource for Hawaii estate and trust fiduciary services in Honolulu, Hawaii and outer islands.

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  • Special Money
    Trust Administration

    Acting as a trustee is a serious undertaking involving certain legal duties and standards of conduct. A professional fiduciary is often a better choice than a lay person who may not have the time or expertise to be a trustee. More...
  • Money Home
    Estate Settlement Or Probate

    Probates established through a court process with a valid will or without a will require the appointment of a personal representative, or executor, to administer and settle the estate. Settling estates can be an administrative nightmare. More...
  • Group

    Conservatorships are established through a court process as the result of an individual's inability to effectively manage his or her financial matters. The Court appointed conservator has a fiduciary responsibility for the financial management of the protected person's assets, making the selection of a conservator an important decision More...


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General Questions

A. There are situations that may be too complex or too difficult because of family dynamics or the probate court deems it necessary. Often, it makes sense to employ an objective third-party professional.

A. There are several choices available in Hawaii or on the mainland, and each company has its advantages and disadvantages. You are encouraged to review the choices in order to make an informed decision.

A. Finding another successor fiduciary is not a problem because the way these relationships are established. Probates and conservatorships are court supervised, and an attorney is required to represent a Hawaii fiduciary to prepare the court filings. The attorney-of-record would petition the probate court for a successor personal representative or conservator. For a trust, the appointment of a new successor trustee depends on the provisions of the trust. Ifa Hawaii fiduciary was court appointed, the trust attorney would petition the probate court to appoint a new successor trustee.

A. This is true for any fiduciary whether it is an institutional fiduciary, like a trust department at a bank or a private fiduciary who is not a practicing attorney. There are court filing requirements and procedures that require an attorney. Having an attorney act as a fiduciary would appear to be a cost-savings, but attorney fees can be higher than those charged by private fiduciaries. The advantage of combining a Hawaii fiduciary, for administrative and accounting functions and maintaining beneficiary relationships, with the legal expertise of a fiduciary attorney benefits everyone.

A. Team work is a fundamental part of how a Hawaii fiduciary should conducts business. A Hawaii fiduciary should not provide legal, tax or financial advice or market any financial products. Working with your advisors is important for a successful relationship.

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